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Refugee Council

Works with refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK, offering practical support and advice throughout their journey in the UK.  It has been helping refugees for more than 60 years and has a thorough understanding of the difficulties facing people arriving in the UK, having fled war, rape, torture and with unimaginable stories to tell.


Many refugees have lost everything and their lives will never return to normal.  Refugee Council offers a helping hand to support and empower them to rebuild their lives.

Refugee Action

Practical support and guidance for people who are resettling in the UK having fled conflict and persecution, and Local Authorities who are participating in Resettlement schemes

Support and resources for organisations working with refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants across the UK

Charter of Rights of Women Seeking Asylum

Asylum Aid joined with a dozen other small charities to establish the Charter of Rights of Women Seeking Asylum which outlines the simple steps needed to make the asylum system decent and safe for any woman who turns to it for help.

Over 350 organisations have now lined up behind the Charter to endorse its recommendations, from refugee groups to national charities like Amnesty, Oxfam and the British Red Cross.

More charities are joining all the time. It is this united voice which has helped secure so much success in the Charter’s major campaigns.

Migrant Help

A leading national charity offering support, guidance and accommodation to vulnerable migrants across the UK.

Whether someone has fled persecution, escaped from slavery or found themselves in a situation that they do not understand, Migrant Help offers advice, support and a place of safety.

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