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London Churches Refugee Fund is committed to action and support aimed at:

  • activating the generosity and hospitality of churches, community groups, other organisations and individuals

  • raising funds

  • supporting initiatives that directly respond to the needs of refused asylum seekers, such as night shelters, accommodation schemes, food distribution, refugee and asylum projects

  • raising awareness of the situation among churches and the general public

  • lobbying for change as part of this overall awareness-raising strategy

  • encouraging responses to inaccurate media stereotypes

Why is the fund needed?

  • There are up to half a million asylum seekers in this country whose applications to remain have been refused

  • While a few are returned by our government, most are unable to return home

  • Many live in fear of being forcibly detained and deported

  • Many have fled torture but have not been believed by the authorities

  • Many have sold everything in order to escape

  • Most are depressed; they have escaped trauma only to experience rejection here

  • They are not entitled to work, or to benefits, housing, health care or legal representation

  • Families are living in stressful conditions with friends or on the streets

  • Many children arrive unaccompanied and risk deportation at eighteen

  • Many have been badly served by lawyers and translators

  • They are often forced into illegal exploitative labour, including prostitution

"The majority rely on the help provided by voluntary organisations, refugee groups, friends and family to survive." (Amnesty)

London Churches Refugee Fund

Mr D Bond


144 Ladywell Road

London  SE13 7HU

Follow London Churches Refugee Fund on Twitter @LCR_Fund

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